Gerard Brock | Artist Representation
A seasoned industry professional with more than 25 years experience working in the fashion and entertainment industries as a designer, dancer, DJ, promotions and talent scout. Being immersed and drawn into music from a young age led to my appreciation for all music genres, which still stands true till today.

From my early days of working in fashion and as a DJ I learnt how to become attuned to what clients and patrons wanted, be it creating a garment which made the client feel beautiful and empowered or playing a songs which brought the fans to the dance floor for hours on ends.

These early stages of my career cemented in place the next phase for me when I was approached to work as a Talent Scout for various talent search networks in America who I became known to via the contacts and friends in the industry I have made over the years.  

With this role we would liaise with the A&R teams at both major and independent record labels like Sony/Epic, Universal, Interscope, Capitol, Columbia and G Note Records just to name a few, as well as various publishing and licensing groups around the world.

A large part of my role was to not just find talent I believed could make it on the international stage, but to assist them with their development to do so. Artist Development entails everything from song structure, aligning artists with songwriters, producers, management, artist advocacy, media both social and radio/tv, image and endorsements and finally connecting with promoters and booking agencies.
It's my role to leave no stone unturned in giving each of my artists the best possible chance of getting label attention and ultimately local or international success. Today's industry is all about numbers, be it unit sales, YouTube views, downloads and streams, chart positioning on radio/TV, and most importantly fanbase numbers.

Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing an artists material being played in radio for the first time, fanbase growth and most importantly making the stage their own, so with my list of contacts I do what's needed to bring their visions and dreams to reality. .

Daudi Kisakye Williams | A&R Manager

Daudi brings a worldly plethora of knowledge and insight to his general vision. Coming from a symphonic music background, and being brought up into a family of artists, Daudi brings a truly unique spirit of musical theory to any production concept. As a passionate percussionist Daudi pays great attention to the details of each component within a production concept and can therefore bring out the best in each contributor on a body of work.

Daudi has been an influential, integral contributor to various projects within several genres from hip hop to new-age melodic afro-jazz. With several years of experience in corporate PR, Daudi demonstrates world class communication skills and is therefore able to bring the best talent together for the greater good of the music. With such communication abilities, Daudi adequately connects business to creativity in a fashion where everybody sees equal benefit, and organic growth can therefore be embraced across the board.

Daudi’s interest in artist development has been the cornerstone to his driving force in the music industry. Having worked alongside the likes of Gerard Brock, Judge Jules, Sam Davarci, Sony Music, Universal Music and several others, Daudi offers a variety of subject matter expertise to Booshu Records.